FAMILY - Georgina Luxton

Georgina Luxton

Georgina McDougall Luxton (1872-1965) was the granddaughter of Reverend George and Elizabeth McDougall, pioneer missionaries in Alberta since 1862. Georgina was raised at Morleyville, the village that sprang up around the McDougall Methodist Mission to the Stoneys. It was the first settlement in southern Alberta. Georgie's father, David McDougall, ran the Morley trading post.

She attended the Indian school until one was built for the white children. Georgie spoke the Stoney (Nakoda) and Cree languages fluently, and had life-long friends among the Stoney people.

Upon Georgie's return from five years of study at the Wesleyan Female College in Hamilton, Ontario, she helped her father manage his store. Every Sunday she played the organ for the McDougall Church at four services, two for the non-Aboriginals, and two for the Stoneys.

In 1904 she married Norman Luxton (1876-1962), and moved to Banff. Eleanor, their only child was born in 1908. Georgina's garden at the Luxton's Banff home, was her pride and joy.