The Luxton Family Home

The Luxton house at 206 Beaver Street was built circa 1905 and was home to Banff’s Luxton family for 90 years. Norman Luxton, Georgina McDougall Luxton and their daughter Eleanor all played important roles in the development and character of the Banff community.

On the death of Eleanor Luxton in 1995, ownership of the home passed to the newly created Eleanor Luxton Historical Foundation. The Foundation now manages the property, as well as its neighbouring historic homes, Tanglewood and Beaver Lodge. The Luxton Home is an accredited museum. We have regular public open hours during the summer from May to September, and tours can be booked by appointment any time throughout the year. Please visit the Tour Information page for further details.

It was Eleanor’s wish that the home remain intact, as a model of a pioneer home in Banff. The home has been kept as Eleanor left it when she passed away in 1995, a treasure trove of art and artifacts telling the stories of the Luxton family and the town of Banff. Of special interest are the collections of Stoney artifacts, evening gowns dating back to the turn of the century, household collectibles, and taxidermy specimens.

Luxton Home