Art Collection

The art in the collection depicts locations, wildlife and individuals from the Banff area. Artists represented in the collection include Carl Rungius, Catharine Whyte, R.H. Palenske and works by Georgina Luxton.


Carl Rungius - "Rams," Ink Etching, Big Horn Sheep: signed to NK Luxton, 1947

Rams by Carl Rungius

R.H. Palenske - "To New Hunting Grounds,” also titled “On the Move.” Ink on paper

On The Move

James Simpson - "Teepee at Bow Lake 1923," Watercolour on paper


Warner Plangg - Mountain scene, Painting on canvas, date unknown


R.H. Palenske - "Portrait of Hector Crawler," Ink on paper, circa 1930s


Donna Joe Massie (currently painting in Canmore) - "Ralph Connor Memorial United Church, Canmore," Print on paper, date unknown

Canmore United Church