Beaver Lodge

212 Beaver Street, Banff, Alberta

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Beaver Lodge

Beaver Lodge has been home to hundreds. Built and owned by the Luxton family, who resided at 206 Beaver Street, this eight bedroom log structure is typical of early Banff rooming houses.

The rustic detailing of the log exterior, varnished wood interiors and minimal alterations make this structure a fine example of a building style once common in Banff.

Beaver Lodge was operated by numerous lessees, some for periods of over 20 years, with rooms for boarders and overnight guests. In 1922 Norman Luxton commented, "Beaver Lodge cost to build in 1913-14 about $3,500. Rents right along for $500 to $600 a year. Is modern throughout with a furnace."

In the 1920s Professor William Round operated the Banff Academy of Music in Beaver Lodge and rented out rooms. Famous guests included Group of Seven painter J.E.H. MacDonald (1923), Captain Conrad O'Brien-French, and the Round, Timms, Orme and Holscher families.

The home is owned by the Eleanor Luxton Historical Foundation and maintained as a private residence.