Growing in a long tradition of playing music, reading and writing, Eleanor edited her father’s diaries of this Pacific Crossing, first published in 1971, and reissued in 2002.

Eleanor also had a great passion for history and the place where she grew up. She published in 1974:

  • Banff: Canada’s First National Park. A History and a Memory of Rocky Mountains Park. The second edition of which appeared in 2008 and is available in print at the Whyte Museum other bookstores.

The book collection includes the classics topics specific to the locale, and reflects family interests and personal tastes. Among the titles found in Eleanor's Parlour and Study are the following:

  • The Poems of Ossian, translated by James Macpherson, 1796
  • Hudson Bay, by R.M. Ballantyne
  • Mountain Wildflowers of Canada, by Julia W. Henshaw, 1906
  • The Sky Pilot, by Ralph Connor, 1899
  • Dr. Chase's New Receipt Book: Medicine, Mechanics and Household Economy
  • 54-40 or Fight, by Emerson Hough, 1909
  • Thirty One Years on the Plains and in the Mountains, by Captain William F. Drannan, 1902