208 Beaver Street, Banff, Alberta

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In 1883, after the construction of the railway through the Rockies, a siding was established at the base of Cascade Mountain. Tanglewood is believed to have been built here around 1887 by Fred Woodworth, the region's first postmaster, and used as the National Park post office. Like many frontier buildings of its time, Tanglewood is a basic log structure constructed from local materials.

In 1886, the townsite of Banff was established along the banks of the Bow River, several miles south and east of the siding. By 1898, the settlement here had been abandoned and Tanglewood was relocated to Banff.

During this early settlement period, when a town's future was unpredictable, buildings were commonly transported to nearby areas. Over 100 years old, Tanglewood is Banff's oldest remaining building from Siding 29.

The home is owned by the Eleanor Luxton Historical Foundation and maintained as a private residence.