Standard Form for all Funding Proposals to the Eleanor Luxton Historical Foundation

When submitting your request, please ensure that you read the types of scholarships available and that the information requirements listed here are completed and part of your funding proposal, in the order specified below.

These requirements are also available in PDF format.

From: (name and University)


Re: Support for (describe activity in one sentence in bold type)


  • Name of your University and department
  • Attention (name of person responsible for request and managing grant)
  • Address with postal code
  • Telephone number
  • Email address

Summary of request

  • Describe in bold type how much money is requested to support what specific work

Themes of relevance to Luxton Foundation

  • Describe in one sentence or a very brief paragraph how this relates directly to Luxton Foundation grant-making themes


  • Provide a short description of why this grant is needed and how it fits in with what you are trying to accomplish overall

Project goals

  • Provide a brief description what you intend to accomplish with this specific grant

Funding and budget

  • Describe the budget for this project and identify other funding sources (if applicable) and the status of those sources (requested or committed)
  • Indicate your organizations’ overall budget and provide current and the last complete year’s financial statements (if any)

Recognition of Luxton support

  • Describe what you propose for recognition of any Luxton support. This is not an important factor in getting a grant but we do want people to be aware of the Luxton Foundation.