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The Eleanor Luxton Historical Foundation

Luxton Family

The Eleanor Luxton Historical Foundation

Eleanor G. Luxton, the daughter of Banff and Bow Valley pioneers, Norman K. Luxton and Georgina McDougall Luxton, established the Eleanor Luxton Historical Foundation in May 1995 with a mandate to preserve the rich history of Banff and the Bow Valley.  

The foundation fosters public awareness of the history of Canada’s first National Park and the Luxton and McDougall families’ influence and integral part in the development of the vibrant community, culture and built history that exists within Banff to this day. The Luxton Foundation continues to actively support Banff’s community and conservation efforts, proudly supporting the return of bison to the park through Bison Belong.

The Luxton family home and garden located at 206 Beaver Street in Banff has been preserved, restored and is open to the public. The Luxton home is an accredited Alberta museum operated by the Luxton Foundation. The interior of the home has been upheld as Ms. Luxton left it, presenting the lives of the three family members and the evolution of a Banff lifestyle over nine decades.

In addition, the Foundation supports scholarships in Western Canadian history at the University of Alberta and the University of Calgary. It provides grants to non-profit conservation and environmental organizations like Bison Belong, and carries out other initiatives that contribute to maintaining Eleanor’s wish to keep the rich history of Banff and the Luxton legacy alive.


Our Mission

The Eleanor Luxton Historical Foundation is focused on the preservation and promotion of the history, culture and ecology of the Banff area, the Bow Valley and Western Canada.

Our Mandate

To preserve and commemorate the Luxton Legacy; the built heritage on Beaver Street in Banff, AB including the historic Luxton home, its contents and grounds.

The home and its grounds will be seen as an example of a Banff lifestyle as it evolved over a period of some nine decades.

Preserve and make accessible the archival and photographic materials collected and preserved by the Luxton family in an appropriate research setting and to promote the use of those extensive and valuable materials by researchers.

Support through financial aid when possible, education, research, publication, and other activities which foster the Luxton legacy.


Directors List

William F. Luxton

Board Secretary
Marjory Gibney

Dr. Harvey Locke

Members at Large
Astrid Bell, Scott Luxton, Karen Garbert

Bursaries & Scholarships

Foundation Alumni List
Susan Freeborn
Donald T. Hatch, Q.C.
Ralphine Locke (1925-2014)
Peter J. Poole
William Sampson (1931-2003)
Derek A. Smith (1941-2013)
Donald Smith
Mary Smith (1924 – 2015)
Robert Smith
Dr. Terry White 

Luxton Home Museum Manager
Lynne Huras